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Wednesday, February 19, 2020
BMS Introduction
LinksLine Bulk Messaging System (BMS) is a simple to use web interface that gives you the tool to push SMS & MMS in bulk quantities. The BULK SMS/MMS services are the new communication platform that allows you to send multiple short messages and multimedia messages within seconds directly from your application to any GSM user in Saudi Arabia*.
Whether you want to communicate the benefits of latest products to the public, spread the news about spectacular events scheduled to take place, or even share music, pictures & videos, the Bulk SMS/MMS application is the fastest and most effective way to have a one to one communication with your target consumer.
Easy, fast, reliable and secure, it’s an instant mass communication medium that saves money as more as you send.
*Foreign roamers excluded. The handsets must be MMS-enabled.
BMS Features
Pink Dot Bullet Provides ready-made SMS or MMS applications without the need for additional supporting software.
Pink Dot Bullet Offers full privacy and security of your SMS/MMS content and delivery.
Pink Dot Bullet Ability to send multiple SMS/MMS messages with the option of presetting the sending time.
Pink Dot Bullet Ability to create multiple SMS/MMS template and send it to multiple receivers.
Pink Dot Bullet Reminders are sent to alert user on the number of SMS messages left in account.
Pink Dot Bullet Ability to create multiple sender identifications. Customer can set who the SMS is from, up to 11 alphanumeric characters (e.g. MyCompany).
Pink Dot Bullet Failed SMS messages will not be deducted from the customer’s account.
Pink Dot Bullet Transmission and History Reports are provided for tracking purposes.
Pink Dot Bullet Web interface supports both Arabic and English languages.
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