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Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Bulk Messaging System Key Benefits
The key benefits of the Bulk Messaging System are as under:
Pink Dot Bullet In-firm communication (cost-effective communication between employees, which leads to faster process making and goal achievement)
Pink Dot Bullet Promotional Tool: Service is offered to companies and corporations having their database customers or targeting new ones. It can be addressed to plenty of sectors such as (Financial institutions, Ministries, TV stations, retail firms, etc, ….)
Pink Dot Bullet Management of own database including; Data upload, update, edit, delete, link etc.
Pink Dot Bullet Powerful and advanced bulk messaging system providing a simple, user-friendly way to send individualized bulk SMS, and MMS messages.
Pink Dot Bullet Offers high availability, a rapid sending rate (hundreds of messages per second), flexible scheduling, and easy configuration and control of messages.
Pink Dot Bullet Spam Control: The system can be configured to block spam or inappropriate messages by defining multiple filtering keywords. In this way, customers are protected.
Pink Dot Bullet Scheduled Messaging: Flexible message delivery schedules can be set for Message Push Campaigns. This means that messaging can be sent at different times and recurrence periods (daily, weekly, monthly…).
Pink Dot Bullet Online Campaign Status Monitor: The progress of messages using real-time delivery, as well as pending message reports. In addition, predictions for the total handling time of the campaign can also be monitored.
Pink Dot Bullet Comprehensive set of individual and personal platform management features.
Pink Dot Bullet Scalable Platform accommodating for high traffic needs.
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